Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TALKING PARENTS is a website intended to be a free replacement for email, text, and any other electronic messages between co-parents.  It is ideal for all shared parenting situations from Dissolution of Marriage to “No Contact” matters, and it is also great for parents who get along just fine. 

Again, IT IS FREE.  It only takes about a minute to sign up and the company represents they do not share your email address with the other parent.  All new messages are clearly marked until they are viewed, and you can post a new message in any conversation at any time. 

Once you sign in you can create a new conversation for discussion at any time by clicking on the “new conversation” button.  You may attach up to five files to each message and the company records the details of every file transfer.  However, the files themselves do not become part of the record.  You can download your complete record in PDF format at any time for free, email a copy to any email address directly from the company’s site, or you may order a securely-bound copy from the company. 

It is easy to manage your account when your email address, password, time zone and contact information changes.  The records include the content of each message, when each message is posted, when each parent signs in and out, every time a file is shared, and even when a parent first views a new message but does not respond.  Records do not contain any personal contact information such as email addresses or telephone numbers.  If needed for a court hearing or other need, one may order a full-color, securely-bound, and personally-certified copy of their record.

Parents may agree to use on their own, or you may ask your Attorney to obtain a Court Order to communicate exclusively through this service if you believe a record would benefit you or your child(ren), or your Attorney / Judge desires to review each party’s ability to communicate regarding shared parenting issues.

I would ask anyone who uses this shared parenting program to advise me of their opinion / experience by posting a comment to this Blog so I may determine whether or not to advise this for use by my clients (and to Judges), as it is a relatively new program which I have not used in my practice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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