Saturday, November 13, 2010


The power of chanting is .....

I want you to finish this sentence after four weeks of chanting (out loud) the following ten times when you wake up in the morning and ten times before you rest at night:


Buddhism, contrary to popular belief is "win or lose" That is it- you either "win or lose" with your life. Yet, as prior blogs have discussed nobody wins in a divorce, there are only two or more losers (taking into consideration your children and extended family). So, the real issue is simply just because there is not a so called "winner" in my divorce, CAN I BE A WINNER IN LIFE? The answer is YES as your divorce is probably your first step to changing what energy is out of balance in your life!!!

To win in your life, start chanting (immediately). And, if you actually do your chanting as stated above, please post your response to this entry and finish the sentence "The power of chanting is ...."