Monday, January 30, 2012


Love is either true love or not. True love is love at first sight that is so strong that it is UNCONDITIONAL. Unconditional love is giving ur soul and spirit to each other with ur sole and only intent to help ur partner grow so that their soul and spirit r fully nurished and satisfied so they develop into their greatest and happiest potential. U can find true love. It does exist and it will find u when the energy of the universe deems it is so. It cannot find u if u r floundering in ur marriage or u r in a bad marriage. But it is a personal choice and only ur choice to make whether to dissolve ur floundering or bad marriage. U may actually have other interest and desires other than true love and therefore ur universal energy is elsewhere and ur destiny is a floundering or bad marriage. But if u have a desire or passion to live and love and ur marriage is floundering or bad and counseling will not remedy ur relationship to true love, then divorce their ass with dignity and honor and let the Universe find true love with and for u. LIVE JUST LIVE PLEASE!!!!!!