Monday, May 30, 2011


The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida is a book that will either save your marriage or make you realize that it is 100% over. Black and white—absolutely no grey area. Read it if you want to discover the truth about your marriage.

If you are the man, read the book to fully understand how male energy interacts with female energy, and whether the female you are with is the right person for your energy. If you are a female and your marriage sucks, then ask your husband to read this book with you. If he says "no," or "yes," but then does not read it, your marriage is likely over. Done deal. Run away as fast as you can no matter what the consequences! The faster you leave, the sooner you'll find the right person to grow old with.

If he reads this amazing book, you both will see your energy and passion begin to merge. Consequently, he will become aware of whether the two of you should be sharing your energy. If he understands this book, and it is deemed that your energies should be merging, you will have the partner that your spirit craves and needs. He will give you his spirit without conditions.

Hence, a real union of two spirits translates into happiness for you and your family. It's time to start living. You owe it to the energy trapped in your body to find it's counterpartner. Your Life is there for your use, for you if you let it come to you. If you accept your energy and you are aware of it, your energy will simply and forcefully attract what you want, relationship and otherwise.

I assure you that you are a beautiful person who deserves an unlimited supply of energy for living and partnering, no matter how much your so-called soulmate has tried to take it from you. Get on with it! Either demand and receive one hundred percent of what you deserve from your spouse, your partner of Life, (mental, spiritual, moral, physical) or choose divorce. There will be no grey. It is truly "black" or "white", "night" or "day." And it is up to you. Yes, it will be difficult and painful. But you will soon conclude ... "so what!" because you are about to discover that this book holds the answers that so many of us seek.