Sunday, October 23, 2011

COZI.COM is a free online calendar that is an easy way to manage your timesharing schedule, appointmemts and general tasks. It has appointment reminders and agenda email. It is set up with a password so it is private to you, your former spouse and child(ren). Whether you have the capacity to get along with your Former Spouse or your Former Spouse is just a toxic butthead who wants to control and contaminate your essence, an interactive internet calendar is a good solution. You, your Former Spouse and child(ren) can manage timesharing, appointments and tasks in a way that will be more available and definative. Check it out.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wake Up your Husband is a Scumbag

If your Husband was a Scumbag before your marriage (you know the truth; please do not assume to be so lonely that you ignore the truth), he will be a Scumbag during your marriage and you can watch it multiply during your divorce. No he (the pre-husband Scumbag) does not love you. He wants sex or money. Look deep into his vacant, souless eyes and you will see. Odds are he has been married before you came along, he had a nasty divorce which he blames on his former Wife, and Yes, you married the same Scumbag. His true colors will show soon enough.

Ask your prospective attorney: "Do you know how to effectively deal with a male Scumbag?" If your prospective attorney laughs or changes the subject, then they are denying what is real for you. You can save yourself some pain and heartache at this point if you deny this prospective attorney the opportunity of representing you. Guess what—that attorney just wants your money too! - Holy Shit- You have managed to have contact with your second certifiable Scumbag. Find somebody that understands you and will fight for you as you know you what's right if yours is the side with principle. Personally, I become energized by people with principles. Lets go kick some butt and accomplish your reasonable goals!

Oh and for you non-Scumbag men, we will chat soon about the scumbag Wife!