Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Does the Attorney representing you have a passion for divorce?  Unfortunately, many attorneys practice divorce solely because they need the additional income to supplement their law practice.  And, there are attorneys who practice divorce who dislike their job, their clients, opposing counsel, and even the Judges due to the amount of stress and often illogical emotion involved.  In divorce, a known saying is, "You see good people acting at their worst", (versus criminal law, "you see bad people acting at their best" - during their case).  Divorce is a stressful area to practice law due to the emotions, and as an attorney, once you become an acquaintance or friend with your client, you must be careful regarding the emotional aspect of the case, as that can affect your individual stress in the case, and it can affect your ability to give your client proper neutral advice. 

So, ask your attorney - does he / she have a passion for their divorce practice? Ask your attorney - why do you practice divorce? What do you like about practicing divorce?  If your attorney practices in other areas of law, ask him or her - why do you practice other disciplines of law? When they answer your questions, watch their body language, and in doing so, instinctively, you should discern whether you received a truthful answer. If you attorney does not have a passion for their practice and if your attorney does not enjoy what they are doing 24/7, I would submit to you that the representation you will receive or are receiving may be mediocre to the representation from an attorney who has a passion for the practice of divorce.

I love the practice of divorce. I have a passion as a divorce attorney because it is an area of law where I constantly meet new people each year, the majority of my clients become acquaintances and occasionally become my friends. It is also very rewarding when you represent someone who has been wronged and terrorized for years by their spouse, and they become empowered and find their prior confidence and self-esteem, and they are able to break the chains of torment with appropriate celebration and financial security after the case.  Also, divorce law is very academically interesting to practice because it is "contract" law, but add the unpredictable and miracle of the heart, and emotions attributed to the heart, and knead those into the practice of contract law, it becomes a hybrid law, one that is an academic exercise of contract law and one that is the wonderful of exercise of heart. There is no other type of legal discipline similar to divorce. Once you become aware of the blessing to meet new people, quality people, the reward of helping people and the academic pursuit with heart, you understand my  passion for divorce.

Everybody desires a partner with reciprocal unconditional love and integrity. If your current Partner is not this "Partner", divorce is the avenue to your desired "Partner" as suggested by the Universe. I want to help you find that Partner.