Monday, June 29, 2009

Standard of Living

I ponder why a Husband and Wife often refuse to lower their standard of living during or after they are divorced. Do you really think it is possible to have the same standard of living with greater expenses and less income? Look at your material possessions in your life, are those possessions really creating happiness and satisfaction for you or are your material possessions a good portion of the cause of your anguish? Do you really think humans will not "like" you if you do not have a lot of material possessions? I dare you to try life with fewer material possessions. Who knows, you may have less stress and be happier. If not, you can always buy more.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love to Hate

Often, when in a consulation with a potential client seeking education about a divorce, i will look at them and try to imagine thier wedding, the rehersal dinner, etc. I never ask about it (well maybe sometimes when i draw a complete blank but not that often) as i wonder how two (2) humans can go from a state of Love to Hate. I can answer the question. It is because one of the spouses love was self love versus unconditional love, and anything solely about the self is a cancer, waiting to ravish its host body.

........"oh your spouse did that".......