Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tiger, Shark or Compassion

I am often asked by a potential client whether I am a Shark or Tiger, or that they heard I am a Shark and Tiger and that is why they want to hire me. I immediately respond that I am neither, as Compassion is your best way to accomplish your goals in your case not by being an Shark/Tiger aka Asshole. He who angers you will control you, and hence your married and not really getting an emotional divorce. Compassion is simply a rational and wise and thoughtful manner of identifying your goals and taking the time to develop a strategy to accomplish your goals, and then working as diligently as necessary to obtain your goals. A Tiger or Shark is a symbol of an anger animal misplacing its energy at whatever it smells. Gee, that is a stupid way to accomplish your goals and your attorney looks like an inexperienced idiot doing it that way, you could say the difference between Hulk Hogan representing you and James Bond. I prefer Bond. Find the Compassionate attorney that is glad to argue you case at trial to accomplish your goals as most bullies (The Hulk Hogans) are too afraid or lazy to do so and their Shark/Tiger mentally is fake, made of fear, and fall down the minute somebody stands up to them. Think about it. Covert operation or Overt operation. I vote for the Covert operation any day of the week! Your goal is to accomplish your concerns, not to look like an asshole, as that is your spouse and why you are divorcing him/her.