Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It is of essence that you are impeccable with your word in your divorce (and hopefully in your life).  I always ask my clients (and tell them) -"If you do not judge me I promise I will not judge you." It is so important to maintain the highest credibility with your Judge as if you lie about a small matter just because it may embarrass you, the Judge is unlikely to believe you on the large important lifetime divorce effecting facts. A client of mine recently lied to me and the Judge on a small inconsequential matter simply because he was embarrassed.  If he only told me the truth, I could have easily resolved and controlled the fact and issue. He did not and I found out about the lie and the other side has discovered it also.  I will now have to spend one-half of our limited court time repairing this matter versus focusing on other damaging facts to their spouse.  We will survive and prevail because fairness and justice demands that we do, but my and my client's job just became much harder for me and more time consuming which means much more expensive for my client.  Please tell the truth.